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Top 5 Android Apps

5 Free And Best Android Apps For 2018 To Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone 

The amount of uses in Google Play Store has created to around 3.3 million by March 2018. There are different applications with comparable functionalities. Thusly, as opposed to endeavoring each one of them, we have saved you some time by amassing this once-over of free and best Android applications. These are furthermore a part of the basic Android applications that you should have on your contraption in 2018.

Note: We have made this summary reasoning about customer examinations, application features, and universality. You are permitted to pick some other choice application that suits your need. 

5 Best Android Apps You Should Use In 2018 

1. Launcher App: Nova Launcher 

Nova Launcher is unprecedented contrasted with other Android launchers that has been on Play Store for quite a while. The launcher is smooth and lightweight with immense measures of customizations. Different image packs are available in the Play Store to change its looks.

Nova Launcher supports customization of utilization bureau, has a scrollable dock, see distinguishing pieces of proof, envelope and image customization, and packs around twelve signs for accommodation. It is permitted to download, yet its prime variation opens an impressive proportion of various features including some catapulted signs.

2. Relate App: Google Assistant 

Google Assistant is a phony individual right hand made by Google that empowers customers to investigate, pass on, and finish a huge amount of things. You can use the Google right hand on your Android or iOS contraptions to trigger applications, make any request, play beguilements, make game plans, et cetera including these 30+ Super Useful Voice Commands. It is open for all kind of Android mobile phones that run Android marshmallow, Nougat, or Oreo and even on smartwatches.

3. Support App: Swiftkey 

SwiftKey reassure is trusted by in excess of 250 million customers around the globe. It uses mechanized thinking that enables it to learn and can elegantly anticipate what the customer intends to type.

Swiftkey features autocorrect and movement forming for speedier information. Furthermore, there is an inbuilt GIF web crawler, a broad assortment of subjects and is an exceptional reassure for bilingual individuals. Swiftkey does not store information from mystery word fields and sensitive information, for instance, Visa numbers. As a rule, Swiftkey will update your creating information and is an undeniable prerequisite have application on your Android contraption. We have included it among the best Android support applications.

4. Video Calling App: Google Duo 

Google Duo is exceptional among other video calling applications for Android with a fundamental interface. It's extremely easy to sign in and check your number, and you can make fast video considers just like making a standard phone call. Its exceptional "Pound Knock" incorporate allows you to have a live audit of the visitor before you get the call. It is open for both Android and iOS customers.

5. Note Taking App: Evernote 

Evernote is a cross-arrange utility to take notes in a grouping of associations, including content, photos, sound, video, portrayals and that is just a glimpse of a larger problem. It is one instrument you need to keep yourself made in the present confused life. It synchronizes over the aggregate of your contraptions to support work process. Evernote furthermore has home-screen devices for energetic access to your notes. It is one of the crucial Android applications for every customer.

Fortuitously, Google Keep is furthermore an eminent note taking applications, go to our best note-taking applications to know more. 

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